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Euro Kitty Activated Carbon
Euro Kitty Activated Carbon
Cat Litter

Euro Kitty Activated Carbon

Super premium clumping cat litter with activated carbon.

EURO KITTY Activated Carbon cat litter is a multifunctional cat litter that carries all the benefits and features of a perfect cat litter. It contains a carbon supplement that helps absorb and reduce strong unwanted odors.


Perfect Clumping – Clumping EURO KITTY has a perfect clumping feature. All you have to do is to collect the clumps with a scoop and easily create a sanitary environment for your cat.


99% Dust Free – During manufacturing, 99% of the dust particles are removed from the litter, ensuring a clean, dust free enviornment.


Higher and Effective Odor Control – EURO KITTY contains an active carbon supplement that effectively reduce strong odors.


Especially Small Grains for High Absorbance – The sand grains in EURO KITTY are characterized by their high absorbability. The grains adsorb liquids fast stopping bacterial growth. EURO KITTY will continue to provide your cat with a healthy and sanitary environment, even after extended usage.



Bentonite 96%, sodium carbonate, activated carbonate.



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